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How Do You Calculate ROI On Test automation With Selenium?

Can anyone give a tutorial on how can i Calculate ROI On Test automation With Selenium.

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Posted 3 months ago


Cross browser testing has been a type of testing which requires a tremendous amount of effort and time. The process of testing your web-app over different browsers, operating systems,

devices, screen resolutions to evaluate the rendering of your web content for a variety of your audience is an activity. Especially, if approached manually. Automated cross browser testing with Selenium can help you save the time of routine test activities, helping you cut short on regression testing. However, people seldom like changes. If manual testing is popular in your organization, the management will obviously raise questions when you ask them to implement test automation.

Test automation although highly beneficial may often prove to be expensive, but is it worth the cost? That is one question which you may find yourself struggling with while convincing the higher management. You will be required to present an effective ROI on test automation with Selenium while developing a web application, highlighting the benefits of automation testing with Selenium for automated cross browser testing of a web application by making it faster with less manual labor.

In this article, we shall discuss different metrics to evaluate ROI on test automation with Selenium, and techniques for calculating ROI covering the basics as well as advanced techniques.

Metrics For Evaluating ROI On Test Automation With Selenium

You as well as your team members can consider certain metrics and measurements which will help you analyze the ROI on test automation with Selenium as you plan to start automation testing from scratch of your web application. These metrics could differ from one organization to another. Why? Well, it is a matter of prioritization, there are different metrics such as the number of defects detected, time gain or test coverage directly influence risk, cost, quality, and delivery schedule of your project. Some organizations may prioritize the number of defects detected, as they may believe, that quantity will lead to quality. Some may do vice-versa, as for them quality means everything. What’s your take? What do you think is more crucial in the debate of quality vs quantity of test cases. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

With that said, identifying key metrics to calculate ROI on test automation with Selenium is critical for you, before you step into the discussion with higher management.

Scope Of Test Automation With Selenium

We know we can’t perform a 100% test automation. Well, how much-automated cross browser testing can your perform is a question that needs a lot of thought process? If you wish to perform automated cross browser testing for your web-app then you would have to think and prioritize which browsers, & OS should you be covering in your test cases? Because you can’t cover every scenario. The total number of possible scenarios could lead to hundreds or even thousands of test cases. If your automation test script is as long as that then it may take you quite a considerable amount of time on a daily basis evaluation of your web application or website.

In short, this is where you need to compare between the total count of automated test cases vs the total count of test cases where you can implement automation.

In case you wish to reduce time on complex test suites then you can also go for parallel testing with Selenium Grid. That way, you can execute multiple test scripts, simultaneously. However, for that as well you may need to think about how many concurrent or parallel sessions would be good enough for your requirements? You can do so by our concurrency calculator.

Improvement in this metric signifies that the teams can find the defect faster and fix them quickly, thus leading to low risk and high ROI on test automation with Selenium

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Posted 3 months ago