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What are the top alternatives to Sauce Labs for Automated browser testing?

Can anyone please suggest me sone of the top alternatives to Sauce Labs for Automated browser testing.

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Posted 4 months ago


Sauce Labs Competitors And Alternatives In 2020

Best Sauce Labs Competitors In 2020

Enlisted below are the most popular Sauce Labs alternatives that are available in the market.

Comparison Chart

#1) LambdaTest

LambdaTest provides services for website & web app testing.

User can perform Live and Automation testing on LambdaTest platform. LambdaTest performs at par with Sauce Labs and its automation plan comes at half the cost. It provides services to SME, Freelancers, and Enterprises.

The company provides different pricing plans for cross-browser testing. We can rank it as a number one alternative to Sauce Labs.


  • Drastically reduce your build times and speed up your goto market with Automated Testing.
  • Performs responsive testing.
  • Perform testing on the go at LambdaTest cloud environment, no need to set up huge testing infrastructure.

Pricing Plans:

LambdaTest Plans: Live: $19/month, Web Automation: $79/month

=> Visit LambdaTest Website

#2) CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTesting is provided by a company called SmartBear. CrossBrowserTesting allows you to run your live, visual and Selenium UI tests on over 2050 real desktop and mobile browsers.

With the Record & Replay tool, you’re able to record a live test and then run that recorded test in parallel against multiple browsers and devices. This is beneficial for the non-technical user that is looking to speed up their testing. SauceLabs does not provide this feature.


  • It works for any browser and mobile device.
  • Parallel testing on multiple browsers.
  • Selenium & Appium cloud testing.
  • It can be integrated with Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub, Jira, and much more.

Pricing Plans: Live Testing: $29/month, Automated Testing: $ 60/month, Unlimited testing: $100/month.

#3) Kobiton

Kobiton is a highly flexible cloud-based mobile experience platform based in Atlanta, GA that accelerates the testing and delivery of native, web and hybrid apps on both Android and iOS. It is suitable for teams ranging from small startups to large enterprises, the starting cost is a fraction of Sauce Labs with customizable plan options that are available to fit any size budget.

An open REST API allows the teams to quickly and easily integrate with the existing CI/CD tools for an optimized DevOps experience. Kobiton leverages the Appium framework and has recently released its first Scriptless automation tool for mobile, allowing teams to create and export open standard Appium scripts without writing any code.


  • On-premise and remote device lab management.
  • Unlimited parallel test execution.
  • Integrations with most CI/CD tools.
  • Scriptless test automation for mobile [create & export Appium scripts without coding].
  • Robust reporting and test analysis.
  • Unlimited users/seats.
  • Supported languages include Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, C#, & PHP.

Pricing: $0 Free Trial | Team Plan: $50/month | Org Plan: $500/month | Contact Us For Enterprise.

#4) BrowserStack

BrowserStack provides services for web and mobile testing.

It performs Live and automation testing. It has 90% overlapping services with Sauce Labs. It provides services to enterprises. The company provides different pricing plans for browser testing and mobile app testing. We can rank it as a number one alternative to Sauce Labs.


  • You will not have to wait for testing. No Queues and instant access.
  • Performs responsive testing.
  • Provides cloud-based services, which means browsers are in the cloud and you will be able to test from anywhere.

Pricing Plans:

Browse Testing Plans: Live: $29/month, Automate Pro: $99/month, Automate Mobile: $ 149/month.

Mobile App Testing Plans: App Live: $49/month, App Automate: $199/month.

Website: BrowserStack

#5) Selenium

It automates the browsers and it can be used by any company. Products provided by Selenium are Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid.

Selenium is an open source and is rich in featured products and hence it is very popular. It can be a number 2 alternative to Sauce Labs. Though it has 20% overlapping services with Sauce Labs, because of its popularity it is a number 2 alternative.


  • Selenium IDE: It is a Firefox add-on. Easy to use, provides record and playback facility and can generate/write scripts.
  • Selenium RC: It is officially deprecated.
  • Selenium WebDriver: It is an automation tool to generate browser-based regression test.

Pricing Plans: Open-source.

Website: Selenium

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Posted 3 months ago
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