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How can I setup a perfect cross-browser testing environment?

Can anyone please tell me how can i set up a perfect cross-browser testing environment.

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Posted 4 months ago


Cross Browser Compatibility

As the name suggests, cross browser compatibility corresponds to how compatible your website is among the browsers. By how compatible, I mean to say does it look exactly how it looked on the personal browser in which you tested? Or does it distort as it did on the above said person? Cross browser compatibility ensures that your website will be seen nearly same in all the browsers across the world or at least on the major browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox etc. Actually, it is impossible to run your website or test your website on every browser that exists today. So, we will only consider the major browsers. The way your smooth and perfect animation looks on your browser should also look same in other browser. You should always keep in mind the graphical elements advanced just in the near future. Before that it was just a flat graphics like 90s cartoons. You must be thinking if every browser is parsing the same HTML code, then why do we need to test it separately.

This is a major issue among the web developer and does not end here. We find an issue in multiple operating systems too. The browser you are using or any browser is not limited to one operating system and every operating system works differently. So, if you are seeing Google Chrome in Windows, it will not be the same as Google Chrome in Mac (For example scroll is off). You must keep in mind the use of different operating systems. So your website is not only affected by different browsers but also different operating systems operating those browsers. I know it is a lot to digest. There are many ways to go through and pass your website across every major browser successfully. We will see those methods one by one in the later sections. Before it, let us open up cross browser issue to one more level by seeing one more refined issue.

Following are the core issues in cross browser compatibility:

The Version Problem

Choosing Your Browser

Running One Operating System On Another

Debugging Your Code With Dev Tools

Browsers On Mobile

That’s A Lot? Move To Cloud For A Shortcut!

Here is how you can perform cross browser compatibility testing with LambdaTest

LambdaTest is an online tool for testing your website without having actually install any browser or operating system. Online tools like LambdaTest have made it easier to evaluate browser compatibility testing. How does it work? LambdaTest creates a virtual machine by allotting a specific amount of memory for it to run on its own system. This will have the browser and operating system as you will choose. So you will have no worries about anything. With a single click you can run your website on any OS, any browser, any version and any resolution. It is great. I know! Let me introduce you briefly to LambdaTest.

Here you can choose the OS and the resolution.

Here you can choose the browser’s version.

Just run the virtual machine and you are done.

Online tools have now developed to work more efficiently and do more work then just seeing your website. LambdaTest lets you click the automated screenshots in bulk of the website and share it with your time with just a couple of clicks. Along with live-interactive cross browser testing, you can click multiple screenshots (on multiple browsers) all at once so that you don’t need to see your website by setting the specification again and again. You can perform cross browser testing of your website at once on 25 different browser + OS configurations. The best part? You can even execute cross browser testing of your websites or web-apps that are locally hosted using Lambda Tunnel which enables an SSH(Secure-Shell) connection between your local machine to our cloud servers.

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Posted 3 months ago