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What is cross device website compatibility?

I want a brief explanation on cross device website compatibility, can anyone please provide it to me.

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Posted 4 months ago


As per recent studies there are 5 billion mobile devices and over 1billion PCs in the world. Which means than more than two third people of the world uses a mobile or pc to get connected. Website is one of the main source of income for any business but it becomes very difficult to specify which device customers access it on.

The major concern becomes how to make the website stable on these devices and OS. There is where cross device compatibility comes in picture. It makes sure that a website looks pixel perfect on every device, browser or OS a person access it on.

To answer this concern there is a dire need to perform cross device compatibility. It can be performed used various tools available on internet today. This practice also makes sure that you are way ahead of your completion by beating them in this area.

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Posted 3 months ago