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How can I write test scripts using Selenium Webdriver?

Can anyone provide me some valueable guidance on how can I write test scripts using Selenium Webdriver.

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Posted 4 months ago


Selenium web driver is one of the module of Selenium automation tool,

You need following things to automate any web-browser apart from Selenium Jar,

  • Driver.exe file for the browser (if you want to execute your script in Chrome browser then you need Chromedriver.exe ) which can be downloaded from Browser Automation System.

setProperty(“”, “<chromeDriver.exe path>”);

ChromeDriver driverObj = new ChromeDriver();

  • I hope you aware the DOM properties, You identify the web element in the page using id,name,classname,link text, tag name and apart from this you can use xpath and css selector

To click::


To enter text:

driverObj.findElement(“<elementValueFromDOM>”).SendKeys(“<text to be entered>”)

There are even more options available in selenium like handling dropdowns,Alerts, multiple windows etc.

  • You can use any IDE and any coding languages, I suggest you to start with Java 1.8 (or later) and Eclispe Mars (or Later)
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Posted 2 months ago