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How can I run parallel tests with JBehave?

I want to run parallel tests with jbehave. Can anyone tell me how to do it.

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Posted 4 months ago


I have some tests created with jBehave and WebDriver.

When I execute them via Maven, the execution is secuencially:


  • Open navigator
  • Execute all the steps of the first story
  • Close navigator


  • Open navigator
  • Execute all the steps of the second story
  • Close navigator ...

I'm interested in execute the tests simultaneously. According the documentation, this is possible.

I've tried adding the notation to the "Stories" class, and also executed the mvn command with the threads=5, but doesn't work.

public class EtsyDotComStories extends JUnitStories {
protected List<String> storyPaths() {
return new StoryFinder().findPaths(codeLocationFromClass(this.getClass()).getFile(), asList("**/*.story"), null);

mvn clean install -s settings.xml -Pjava-spring,codehaus,threads=5 Is it possible to execute multiple tests simultaneously?


Added the maven execution part:

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Posted 2 months ago