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What exactly is an automation testing framework? and do we really need it to start with automation?

Can anyone please provide me information about what exactly is automation testing framework anddo we really need it to start with automation.

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Posted 4 months ago


Easy definition : Assembling different parts of automobile and making a car so someone can just drive that car after a little training on how to drive that is what i call an automation framework.

Automation framework are created to just kick start the work so one do not waste time to understand that how the actual background process works, but creating a framework needs some experience of how the background processes work.

I have created a Mobile automation framework which includes Excel file + Maven + Java + Testng + Appium + Extent Report, now if i ask you to go and read about all the things i have just mentioned it will be very difficult if you are not an experience person in IT so what my framework does is just enter your basic steps that you want to do in Excel sheet (Which is easy to do even for non IT person) and it will execute it on a mobile devices but after little training that i have mentioned earlier.

So Automation Framework is like robots it just reduces the human efforts.

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Posted 3 months ago