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According to Google Analtyics, my website is having a high bounce rate on Android devices. Can anyone suggest me the possible reason for that?Re

Recently i have been confused about my website which according to Google Analtyics is having a high bounce rate on Android devices. Can anyone give me a possible reasoning to that.

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Posted 4 months ago


I see many threads here who have explained about the reason for bounce rate in general. So, I guess it can be one of those reasons like:

  • Boring Content
  • Ugly Pages
  • Too many popups, etc.

But what I think here is, if this would have been the case the Bounce rate, in general, would have been high but as you’re mentioning that ‘Bounce Rate is high on Android Devices only’ so I think that the possible reason can be :

1. Bad User Experience on Android devices 2. Incompatibility of your website with Android Devices 3. You might have certain bugs appearing on Android devices.

So, I think the best way to figure that out is if you go to test your website on android devices yourself.

You need to test on the top Android devices that you are getting your traffic from(use google analytics to find it out) and then go green with testing on those Android devices.

You can use some platform like LambdaTest to perform testing of your website on different mobile devices.

Hope this helps,


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Posted 3 months ago