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What are the things to consider before selecting the best automation testing tool?

Can anyone please point out some of the things that one should consider before selecting the best automation testing tool.

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Posted 4 months ago


Factors to Consider when Choosing an Automation Testing Tool

Choosing the right automation testing setup is dependent on multiple factors. Each and every testing setup is either unique at the get-go or evolves into something totally novel as the project grows. To choose the right setup that will scale up as your project scales is equally important as choosing the right tech stack for developing your application. Here are a few factors that will influence your decision

  • Whether the tool will support your test activities or not, and if it is available in the market or not.
  • Which automation testing tool will best fit your project requirements and your budget.
  • If your team has the required skills to use the tool or not, and if not, then who will use the testing tool once you purchase it.
  • Is the automation tool accurate for the project environment and technology that you are using?
  • Is there a free trial version of the tool so that you can analyze its performance before purchasing it?
  • What are both cost and development efforts involved in scaling up the testing platform as your project grows?
  • How difficult it would be to maintain and manage older tests to work with new updates in the project?
  • Do you want the automation tool for a specific project or all of your testing needs? Although there are many factors included in selecting an automation tool, we believe these are the essential factors that you need to consider before looking for automation testing tools. Let’s dive deeper into the concept of selecting the best automation testing tool.

Selection Criteria for Choosing the Best Automation Tool

Whatever your project requirements are for the automation testing tool, there is always a simple yet effective approach to choose the best automation testing tool for your project.

1. Analyze Your Project Requirements Comprehensively

It’s crucial to maintain the quality of your project by delivering a bug-free product for the success of your project. And automation testing is the best approach to improve the quality of any project, as well as to increase the depth and scope of the tests. But, before implementing automation testing, have a clear understanding of your project requirements, such as:

  • What is the project type? Is it a web/desktop/mobile application or any other project?
  • What is the scope of the project after its release?
  • Analyzing the strength of your testing team on code language before starting the process

Generally, there are no such automation tools that are entirely good or bad, but if you are expecting a good ROI from the tool, then it solely relies on your project needs like what you actually need to automate and how many test cases require automation testing.

For most projects, it is considered that both manual and automation testingare essential for the testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications. Thus, they choose a tool that can integrate seamlessly with the project planning and test management tools, as well as quick to learn and easy to use.

2. Compare Your Existing Automation Tool as A Benchmark

If you are using an open-source automation tool like Selenium test automation, then consider it as a benchmark to evaluate and identify the best automation testing tool for your project. For that, you need to know the pros and cons of Selenium automation tools.

For example, Selenium is an open-source, freeware tool that allows users to test their web applications and sites. And it provides unique features for automation testing, such as record-playback to create record playback test scripts, and language support for multiple languages like C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, etc. But, you don’t get good customer support with Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium is the first choice of testers who are comfortable with coding techniques and testing their websites via the user interface. Also, the maintenance of Selenium Suite is not easy, especially for a tester who often oversee the manual and automation testing. Another challenge that you might face with Selenium is the browser compatibility testing of web apps because automating cross-browser testing across multiple combinations of browsers, OS, and devices is not possible.

Therefore, it is vital to choose your current testing tool as a benchmark and compare it with the tools that you have decided to purchase for automation testing.

3. Verify the Critical Criteria Appropriate for A Project

Before finalizing the best automation tool for your project, you should consider the following key points:

  • The test execution must be simple for any project member so that they can run tests efficiently when required. Also, it should be easy for non-technical users who have very little technical knowledge.
  • The test reports generated by the tool must be intuitive and simple for the management team so that they can understand the testing process.
  • The automation testing tool must support all three platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • The development and maintenance of test scripts must reduce human effort and time resource management.
  • The automation tool must support a wide variety of browsers and platforms when it comes to cross-browser testing of web applications.
  • Support for keyword-driven testing because it acts as an extension to the data-driven testing framework.
  • There are some scenarios in which testers need to write the code. Thus, the automation tool must support the required languages so that testers can easily write the code.
  • Technical support and assistance are the top priority when it comes to selecting an automation testing tool, so make sure you get continuous technical support for your tool.
  • Additional features like screenshot testing, visual appearance testing, real-time testing, etc. must be included with the automation tool.

Compare these critical factors for different automation tools, and then select the best ones from them.

4. Consider Your Budget Before Purchasing a Tool

After comparing different automation tools on the above criteria, the last thing you want to check is your budget. Budget is one of the most critical concerns when it comes to purchasing an automation testing tool because, based on your requirements, if the tool is too costly, then you should avoid buying it.

However, if you and your organization have finalized to purchase the tool, then it recommended to download and use the trial version of the tool to analyze its performance and whether it’s worth investing that much money into it or not.

After using the trial version, if you find any issues with the tool, then don’t spend much time on it and look for another automation testing tool. Purchase a tool only when you’re sure about its functionalities and performance.

Best Automation Testing Tools

To make your automation testing tool selection more comfortable, we have mentioned here the highest-rated automation testing tools.

1.LambdaTest– A cloud-based automation testing tool that provides real-time, screenshot, visual testing, and cross-browser testing across more than 2000 browser+OS combinations.

  1. Tricentis – One of the most popular enterprise-grade, complete end-to-end testing solution for any type of software application.

  2. Ranorex Studio– Prevalent amongst small organizations that build applications on languages like Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

  3. Katalon Studio– A comprehensive testing tool that is helpful for API, web, and mobile app testing. Moreover, it is compatible with all operating systems.

  4. CrossBrowserTesting – The only reliable tool that allows you to run existing Selenium scripts across more than 1,500 real desktop and mobile browsers.

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Posted 4 months ago
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