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How can I test a website on different versions of Chrome browser online?

Can anyone please tell me step by step on how i can test a website on different versions of Chrome browser online.

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Posted 4 months ago


Testing website on different browser and its version is known as cross-browser testing. Cross-browser testing can be done either manually or by automation.

1. Manual Cross Browser Testing

After identification of the browsers that an application is supposed to support,you need to make test cases and prepares a cross-browser compatibility matrix for prioritizing the browser they need to test first. Testers test the same test cases on various browsers + OS combinations. After observing the behavior of the application in each, they report bugs. However, how many browsers can you test manually on your own?

You can test on the browsers installed on your system than what would you do about legacy browser versions, or about the browsers that are not already installed on your computer? Also, what would you do to test your website on macOS or mobile browsers? You can’t possibly buy everything on your own.

You can go for VMware simulation, emulation. However, it would require a great deal of time while you set up. So what can you do?

2. Automated Cross Browser Testing

Automated cross-browser testing can help you save time so you could come up with even better test scenarios. You can perform automation testing with Selenium Grid for running test scripts in parallel. However, the Selenium Grid you would run in-house will have some setbacks.

You can only test on the browser installed available in your own machine. Parallel testing will take a toll on your computer’s processor. Test reporting is not available by default in Selenium. So setting up may take a considerable amount of time.

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Posted 4 months ago