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What are the metrics & challenges for testing streaming applications in 2020?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the metrics & challenges for testing streaming applications in 2020.

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Posted 4 months ago


Metrics To Check While Testing A Streaming Application

After having gone through the challenges of testing streaming applications, you must have understood that load testing is the primary testing phase to execute while testing a video streaming application. Let’s discuss the metrics to consider to ensure that your app is performing properly without any issues

Buffering Time – In YouTube you may have seen whenever data speed is low, a grey bar starts filling up before the video is played. This is known as the buffering bucket. Measuring the buffering time is very important to check how your app is performing under low network connectivity.

Bit Rate – Bitrate is a very important metric that measures the quality of your video. It can be measured by checking the number of bits transferred per second. The bit rate of a video is directly proportional to the resolution of the video.

Lagging Time – Once buffering is completed, the video is supposed to play smoothly if the download speed of your network keeps up with the average bit rate. Often you may have seen that whenever the video timeline reaches the buffering level, the video comes to a halt, starting more buffering sequence. Lagging time is an important metric that measures the total waiting time while playing a video. This also includes the initial waiting time for buffering.

Data Consumed – This metric includes the data spent by the user while using the application or playing any specific video. This helps to determine the demand for streamed data.

Lagging Ratio – This is the ratio of video play time and buffering time. It keeps into account the initial buffering time as well. The ratio is usually very low but it never falls below 1.

Platform Compatibility – This is a critical metric for every website or web-app but is highly significant in case of a streaming application. As a streaming application, you target users throughout the globe and making sure that your media rendering stays intact along with fast buffer is crucial. Sometimes the UA(user agent) of the end-user may lead to abrupt streaming.

Subtitles Synchronization – Subtitles are indispensable for a streaming web application or website if you wish to spread virality of your media content. Targeting an audience throughout the globe, you need to make sure to keep them away from accent specific dilemma. You can do that with the help of subtitles, but often subtitles tend to be out of synchronization which ends up being very annoying for the end user.

In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, run the appropriate tests before launching it or releasing any updates. However, testing streaming applications can be a little tricky as you may have to predict the real-time user interaction with your web application. There are some common roadblocks or challenges of testing streaming applications. Let me address them for you.

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Posted 3 months ago
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4 months ago