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What are the top utility tools for a website?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the top utility tools for a website.

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Posted 4 months ago


We come across a lot of tools every day in order to use them for our website, be it a text editing tool or a cross browser testing tool. However, the major struggle remains which is the best utility tool for my website? Here, I have summoned top tools in 15 different categories which are easy to use and handy for your website. Hope this helps

Text Editing Tool: Sublime Text

Text Editing Tool: Notepad++

HTML Beautifier: DirtyMarkup

Web Debugging Proxy: Telerik Fiddler

Crawling Link Checker: Xenulink

Web Screenshotting Tool: FireShot

Video Format Converter: HandBrake

Creating Mind Maps: XMind

Cross-Browser Testing Tool: LambdaTest

Desktop Automation: AutoHotKey

Stopwatch: XNote Stopwatch

Clipboard Manager: Ditto Clipboard Manager

Network Protocol Analyzer: Wireshark

Text Comparator: Text Compare

Missing DLL: Dependency Walker

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Posted 4 months ago