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Which is the best framework for automation testing?

There are a number of frameworks that are applied on automation testing, can anyone suggest me some and teel me which one is the best.

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Posted 4 months ago


Selenium C# Framework for Automation Testing:


NUnit is an open-source Selenium C# framework that is ported from JUnit. The latest version of NUnit is NUnit 3 which has a host of new features and supports a wide range of .NET platforms. This Selenium C# framework is widely preferred by C# developers for automated browser testing.

NUnit framework is user-extensible, follows a parameterized syntax (or annotation-based syntax), and primarily used for Test-Driven Development (TDD) with C#. The supported platforms are .NET framework 3.5+, .NET standard 1.4+, and .Net Core.


Home > is another popular test framework in C# that is used for Selenium automation testing. ‘x’ in xUnit stands for the programming language for which the test framework is built i.e. JUnit for Java, NUnit for C#, etc. It is a Selenium C# framework that is built by the creators of the NUnit framework.

Instead of planning for incremental changes in the NUnit framework, the creators decided to build a new test framework that is more robust and is built around the community that uses it. Below are some of the reasons why Home > was built:

The latest version of xUnit framework is 2.4.1. xUnit is more robust and extensible when compared to the NUnit framework.


Gauge is another popular test automation framework that is used to create readable and maintainable tests using C#. Gauge is open-source and the framework is created by ThoughtWorks Inc. and developers/creators behind the Selenium. The latest version of Gauge for C# is 0.10.6.

It also supports other programming languages including GoLang. Gauge is a preferred Selenium C# framework used for the development of BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development).

The Gherkin language is used for the creation of feature files and spec files are created using markdown language. As tests are in Markdown, it reduces the effort for test code creation and maintenance.

Python Framework for Automation Testing:

Robot Framework

Used mostly for development that is acceptance test-driven as well as for acceptance testing, Robot Framework is one of the top Python test frameworks. Although it is developed using Python, it can also run on IronPython, which is .net-based and on Java-based Jython. Robot as a Python framework is compatible across all platforms – Windows, MacOS or Linux.


Used for all kinds of software testing, pytest is another top Python test framework for test automation. Being open source and easy to learn, the tool can be used by QA teams, development teams as well as individual practice groups and in open source projects. Because of its useful features like ‘assert rewriting’, most projects on the internet, including big shots like Dropbox and Mozilla, have switched from unittest(Pyunit) to pytest. Let’s take a deep dive and find out what’s so special about this Python framework.

UnitTest, Also Known As PyUnit

Unittest or PyUnit is the standard test automation framework for unit testing that comes with Python. It’s highly inspired by JUnit. The assertion methods and all the cleanup and setup routines are provided by the base class TestCase. The name of each and every method in the subclass of TestCase starts with “test”. This allows them to run as test cases. You can use the load methods and the TestSuite class to the group and load the tests. Together, you can use them to build customized test runners. Just like Selenium testing with JUnit, unittest also has the ability to use unittest-sml-reporting and generate XML reports.

JavaScript Frameworks:


Rated as number #1 JavaScript automation testing framework for 2018 by the stateofjs survey. Jest was developed by Facebook and used to test JavaScript codes, especially applications developed using React JS.


Mocha is a JavaScript automatuin testing framework meant for testing applications that run using Node.js. Mocha is rated as #2 JavaScript automation testing framework for stateofjs survey of 2018.


Jasmine, mostly used for asynchronous testing is a feature-rich JavaScript automation testing framework for JavaScript. The application runs on Node.js and allows accurate and flexible bug reporting by serially running the test cases. Jasmine is ranked on #3 for JavaScript testing framework according tostateofjs 2018.

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Posted 4 months ago