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What are the top CTA design tips to boost website’s conversion rate?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the top CTA design tips to boost website's conversation rate.

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Posted 4 months ago


Your website may have millions of visitors, but the question is, how many of them are converted into customers. The conversion rate is a critical factor considered for evaluating any product on the web.

When it comes to marketing, there are 2 important keys

  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • Convert the incoming traffic into customers

The user experience of a website matters a lot in increasing the conversion rate of a website. And the easiest procedure that can help you in that is optimizing the Call to Action buttons.

1. Name Your Buttons Short & Crisp

Efficient naming is an important part among the UX practices for CTAs. Keep your text short so that the user will be able to understand the purpose of that button. For example – If you are hosting an e-learning website and a user is willing to start a course can do so with the help of a CTA declared at the bottom of the post. Then keep your text short & precise like “Get Started”, “Let’s Begin” or ‘Start’ etc.

2. Choosing the Colors

An important CTA design tip is choosing the appropriate color. You can experiment using different colors until you find the desired result.

3. Figure Out The Right Spot

Proper placement falls among the best UX practices for CTAs. Place the button where they can be easily noticed by the user and gives the user an understanding of what is the website’s main purpose. We can take an example of PayTM. Since their main purpose is mobile recharge and bill payment, take a look at their effective CTA placement.

4. Effectively Design the CTAs

While designing your CTA, follow the best UX practices for CTAs and research other sites for CTA design tips. Design should not be extravagant, rather it should be simple, yet noticeable, loud enough to speak your purpose. Just like the “Submit Your Site” button of

5. Delaying The Display

You can use an intro video while your website is loaded or a small slideshow, at the end of which the CTA will get displayed. The aim of that intro is to persuade the user in order to convince that they are at the right place. This also helps to increase the user engagement of your website resulting in decreased bounce rate.

6. Creativity Is Key

Another important CTA design tip is creatively placing your CTA. Like embedding it within a video or an animation. If the user likes the video, they will be automatically persuaded to click on the button. This works just like the branding button that people watermark in their YouTube videos.

7. Using Reverse Psychology

Ask a user not to click on a button! Yes, you heard that right. Reverse psychology can be an effective way to persuade users in doing stuff they don’t want to.

8. Adding Animations & Effects

Animated buttons also add an extra effect in improving a website’s aesthetics. Add click and hover effects and animations on your CTAs to make them noticeable.

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Original Source: 18 CTA Design Tips To Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Posted 4 months ago
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