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Which software testing tool supports Slack integration?

I was researching for some tools that supports slack integration but couldn't find one, Can anyone please help me with that.

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Posted 4 months ago


Great team communication is key to the success of the current digital era.

You will need the best team communication channel or platform to share any critical issues in any running project or any meme popular on Twitter or Linkedin. :)

I found Slack is easy to use and flawless platform for connecting with other team members. So integrating any of your software with team communication channel like Slack is must to win as a team.

Let’s take an example: If you are testing your web app and find some issues and want to share it with your whole team in a go, you can do it using Slack integration with that particular Software testing tool.

I have gone through many online software testing tools like LambdaTest, Browserstack, Saucelabs, Crossbrowsertesting etc with slack integration available to share bugs and issues.

The LambdaTest Slack Integration allows you to push a bug directly to your specified Slack channel from LambdaTest platform. Share your UI observations and input with your teammates on any time, by capturing a screenshot in the middle of your test session through LambdaTest. You can annotate the screenshot & highlight your issue or input. The fields populated by you when marking as a bug through LambdaTest are displayed as information on Slack for that testing instance.

And the best part is you can integrate Slack with LambdaTest with one click.

Also, LambdaTest provides Slack app to directly automated screenshot testing right from your Slack channel. With LambdaTest slack app you can run Automated screenshot tests of your URLs on 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers directly from Slack channel. Just a simple slash command and you get full-paged screenshot of your page taken on real cloud hosted machines running real operating systems and real browsers.

Here's how to use Slash command: /screenshot [URL] [Optional ListNumber] For example: /screenshot List1

I hope this helps.


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Posted 4 months ago