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What is Progressive Enhancement and Cross Browser Compatibility?

Can anyone please guide me about Progressive Enhancement and Cross Browser Compatibility, just want to enhance my knowledge in this field of work.

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Posted 3 months ago


With more data and statistics publically available to developers and designers, we must focus on utilizing that to our benefit when it comes building a functional website. Progressive Enhancement rests on this premise which enables the developers to prioritize on concepts and features that matter the most to the end-users.

Why Progressive Enhancement Is Necessary?

The answer to this stems from the lack of standards in web browsers. Most of the newer websites are motivated to use the capabilities of modern browsers. However, to assume that all your customers and future potential leads were to use the modern web browsers would be a fair miscalculation! A visitor can land on your website from legacy browsers too, and this is why cross-browser compatibility issues are necessary to be dealt with.

Progressive Enhancement strategy steps in here for delivering cross-browser compatibility. It makes sure that the core elements of the web-page are accessible to everyone despite the browser they use. We can build websites keeping in mind the issues that might arise and develop in a way that minimizes these issues.

What Is Progressive Enhancement?

Progressive Enhancement is a technique of creating cross-browser compatible web design wherein the highest priority while developing is keeping the core web page content, while the other complex add-ons and features remain secondary.

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Posted 2 months ago