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Which testing tool can help me perform automated screenshots in a local test environment?

Can anyone help me out in finding a testing tool that can help me perform automated screenshots in local test enviornment.

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Posted 4 months ago


WATConsult has been using LambdaTest from Feb 2018 and we have been content with the product. This was one of the features that was requested by many customers(including us).

LambdaTest made an announcement regarding their product update blog about the same.

“Till now, as an end user you were able to perform cross browser compatibility testing of locally hosted webpages or webapp in real time testing only. Which was more detailed but time consuming if your aim is just to identify visual interface bugs quickly. That’s where our Screenshot testing and Responsive testing feature came in.

Screenshot Testing is now available through Lambda Tunnel. After you have connected Lambda Tunnel it just becomes a matter of selecting the connected machine before initiating the screenshots.”

“What is Lambda Tunnel?

Lambda Tunnel is a feature that allows you to test your development thoroughly in a secure shell testing environment, hosted on LambdaTest cloud servers. It provides you the flexibility to securely test your from 2000+ browsers and their assorted versions, running on real OS code for cross browser and cross platform compatibility, even before it is deployed over production environment.”

So yes, With LambdaTest you can perform screenshot testing of a website for localhost across various browsers.

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Posted 2 months ago