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Why do you need to use Visual UI regression testing?

Can anyone please clear my doubts by explaining me why we need to use visual UI regression testing.

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Posted 4 months ago


In simple words, it is just a repetition of tests. It is a type of test which fortifies the workability of the software by a regenerative process after it is interfaced with other software. In regression testing, you ensure that your developed products work well even after making changes like modification in the software, enhancements, finding bugs, and optimization.

Why is regression testing done, after all? Whenever you develop new software, you need to check it again and again to verify its performance. Further, it is mandatory to test your application whenever any new feature is added for performance free of defects.

How to Perform Regression Testing

There are few simple steps you should follow to carry out regression testing:

***** Identify the need: Once the software is developed, it must be continuously modified according to the critical needs of the client. ***** Set requirements and standards: Since regression is based on an agile environment, a client can send their own requirements called "customer relevant functionalities," which should be prioritized. ***** Determine the starting point: In an agile environment, you should know where start for an easy and efficient test. ***** Determine the stopping point: Similar to the start point, the stop point should be predetermined.

Merits of Regression Testing

The benefits of this testing method include

  • Regression testing can be done using automation tools.
  • It makes sure that bugs, once debugged, are gone for good.
  • It helps improve the quality of the product for a high QA check.

Let’s flip the coin and look at its disadvantages, too:

  • The application needs to be tested each time new changes are made to the product and it becomes tedious to test the entire application again and again.

Original Source: What Is Regression Testing and How Should You Do It?

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Posted 4 months ago