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What are the common challenges faced by testers while testing a Web Application?

When it comes to testing, there are huge number of challenges that are faced by the testers while testing web applications. Can anyone please list some of these common challenges and how to overcome them.

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Posted 4 months ago


Testing a web application can be a very hectic task. With the number of devices and browsers increasing day by day, apart from testing the functionality and performance, proper testing needs to be conducted to ensure that there is no impact on the overall user experience of the website.

Following are the challenges a software tester can face:-

Cross Browser Compatibility

Earlier, when internet explorer was the only browser available, just unit testing would have done the job. But, currently, with hundreds of browsers along with their different versions available for desktop and mobile, cross-browser compatibility is a common issue. It is ideal for a tester to use a cloud testing platform like LambdaTest for testing whether the application is compatible across different browsers.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Nowadays, people mostly use mobile devices to access websites. Although there are a limited number of devices in iOS, the count increases tenfold when it comes to Android. It is important for a tester to target the devices where the application is meant to run and start testing in each of them.


The one thing to look out for while testing is whether the application fits properly in the device resolution. A tester must check if there are any horizontal scrolling, alignment or padding issues, and sizes of font and buttons in different devices.

Integration Testing

The rating of an application depends on its usability as well as functionality. Integration testing is a must thing to carry out at user’s end to check whether the application is reliable, all the critical functionalities work properly as well as there is no significant impact on performance after merging new features.


If the application has features like online transaction and payment gateways, testing should be executed to ensure that there are no chance of any fraudulent activities and local storage of payment related data in the device.

Performance Testing

Often a web application gets too slow or crashes when the internet traffic increases all of a sudden. Performance testing should be carried out to ensure that there is no impact on the speed of performing an activity using the application.

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Posted 4 months ago