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What are the top website responsive testing tools?

There are a huge number of tools for website reponsive testing that are available in the market, can anyone help me with some knowledge about which are the best ones.

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Posted 2 months ago
Edited 2 months ago


The generation we live in, demands for convenience. Gone are the days when PC or Laptop were the only ways of accessing a website. Advancement in technology of mobile phones, tabs, and high-speed internet has significantly impacted the user’s preference for accessing the web. Responsive testing is a process that ensures the rendering of web pages across viewports of multiple devices. Its end-goal is to make sure that web pages look good & provide relevant information to the website visitors on every device.

Responsive testing is done in two different ways:

  • Browser-based tool: An example is Viewport Resize, a browser-based tool that checks the responsiveness of your website by changing the viewport based on device size and resolution.
  • Stand-alone tool/app: Here you need to enter your device URL to find the responsiveness of the web content in your device.

Here’s is a list of top responsive testing tools.

  1. LT Browser
  2. Studio Press:
  3. Screenfly
  4. Am I responsive?
  5. Responsinator
  6. Google DevTools Device Mode
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Posted one month ago