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How can I test my website for regression bugs? Which visual regression testing tools will be helpful?

I want to test my website for regression bugs. Can anyone guide me on how to do it ? Also please suggest some good visual regression testing tools that would be helpfull.

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Posted 5 months ago


A software regression is a software bug that makes a feature stop functioning as intended after a certain event eg. New build push. Testing your website after pushing any build is very important to prevent regression bugs.

Regression testing is carried out after an application is developed. It has 2 phases –

  • Developing an application and testing to check whether the functionalities are working perfectly.
  • Making some changes in the application and testing to check whether the existing functionalities are still working perfectly in addition to the new changes.

Finding minimal visual bugs becomes difficult with every build. There are many online tools available to perform regression testing. One of them is LambdaTest. With LambdaTest's Smart Visual UI Testing, all you need to do is to upload screenshots as baseline(your ideal website/ website) and comparision images(production images on different browsers after new build) and then just run the test. The test results will be shown in the new window.

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Posted 4 months ago