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What is the use of Jenkins in a testing project?

How Jenkins plays its role in a testing related project?

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Posted 5 months ago


You can consider Jenkins is a dumb tool, it exactly does what you are asking him to do.

Jenkins is automation tool to automate anything including build, deployment, test automation, reporting.

You can even use jenkins to do any automation task other then build, deployment, test like

  • running script on remote machine
  • taking backups
  • performing health check
  • etc.

Infact you can any script on jenkins to do anything on any connected machine.

The beauty of jenkins is its plugin based architecture. You can plugin in anything you want and get things working. If you do not want you can remove plugin and save memory and optimize your jenkins application.

Now, coming to your actual question.

  • You can run your testing automation on destination machine via jenkins remotely.
  • You can generate testing report.
  • You can make threshold as per test cases.
  • Send the notification of your test report.
  • schedule your automation at midnight.

As i said you can automate your tasks via jenkins.

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Posted 2 months ago
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5 months ago