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Is there a tool to convert modern JavaScript to an old version for compatibility with older browsers?

Is there a tool to convert modern JavaScript to an old version for compatibility with older browsers?

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Posted 5 months ago


The problem with the old and the new browsers is that there will always be new features introduced in the new ones and the support for the old features will be deprecated. This gives rise to major compatibility issues mainly in HTML and CSS.

Design and Layout suffers the most apart from Multimedia. While designing the layout of your website you need to make sure that it must be responsive. Basically a responsive website is one which makes use of the browser resolution and adjust accordingly. This can only be achieved with perfection when kept a closed eye during the development of website. Not even the design but also the elements of the website must be scalable too i.e. they should adapt to the changing resolution.

Fluid designs, as the name itself indicates point to the UI elements stack like a fluid. The most trending layout makes the elements extremely adaptable to the resolution changes and in the process you can make websites responsive. The thing with this method is that you’ll need to make the website from the scratch and it will cost you.

  • Preact

Emerging from react, it is powerful and compact library that has extensive use in mobile related app as well as website building. The Framework gained serious popularity after being deployed by a number of websites. If you want the functionalities of react but don’t want a lot of heavy features then this is the framework to go for.

  • Respond.js

If you are dealing with old browser versions in general then this is the library to go for. It offers a wide range of solutions in order to make the site responsive by toggling different scripts.

  • Adapt.960.js

This has a list of browsers specific scripts for executing complementing codes for CSS.

  • Bootstrap

An open source toolkit adored by everyone, Bootstrap made it extremely easy for making mobile-first designs responsive. Using this tool you can uncover all the aspects of leading Front-end libraries and provide you with breathtaking themes.

Cross Browser Compatibility is the biggest challenge faced by the developers, old browsers lack support for the latest web technologies. While curating a website you shouldn’t keep in mind a particular browser.

You never know what kind of browsers your target sample of audience may access your website through. You have to be ready, for this you require compatibility.

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Posted 5 months ago