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What are some alternatives to Selenium?

What are some web UI automation frameworks available out there?

I know about this question, but it was asked 3 years ago and things have changed a lot since then. I just wanted to find out if the answers to that question are still relevant or there have been newer and better tools developed since.

I'm asking this again because after doing some googling I've stumbled upon tools such as Geb and Capybara that were not mentioned as an answer in that question.

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Posted 5 months ago


There have been newer and better tools developed since.

Take a look at the TestCafe testing framework. It runs functional tests in any modern browser and any device. No WebDriver required.

TestCafe is a pure node.js solution.

  • It can be easily installed (npm install -g testcafe is enough).
  • Works without plugins for browsers and additional configuration.
  • Write tests in ES6 and ES7 JS syntax.
  • Has smart waiting system, so runs async tests fast without extra waiting.
  • Can be easily integrated to your CI system.
  • Support for running tests on remote machines, devices, and cloud.
  • Free and open source.
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Posted 5 months ago