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How can I reduce the QA testing cost by 70%?

How can I reduce the QA testing cost by 70%?

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Posted 5 months ago


This is certainly a great question and I believe is the need of the hour in today's COVID-19 pandemic.

The world is on the back foot and it is becoming most important for companies to reduce costs in all the departments.

Having said that reducing QA testing costs does not mean losing quality.

Here I am going to recommend one tool that will help you reduce the cost and not compromising on the quality.

The tool I am talking about is LambdaTest, it is a cross browser testing platform that helps users to test their website or web-app on a combination of 2000+ browsers & OS.

Now setting us such a vast infrastructure will cost millions of $ for any company and that's not it, you need to have a team of QAs to perform testing.

With LambdaTest you can do all this on your own (even if you do not have any technical knowledge)

Here I would also recommend using LambdaTest Automation (PRO-FEATURE). LambdaTest offers secure & reliable selenium grid. Accelerate your Selenium test automation at the same time increase your test coverage by testing on an online infrastructure of 2000+ desktop and mobile browser environments.

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Posted 5 months ago
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5 months ago