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How do I perform browser testing remotely during COVID-19 lock down?

I need to test my website on various browsers & OS, however being locked inside my house I cannot do it physicall, please suggest an alternate.

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Posted 5 months ago


Go For Cloud Based Cross Browser Testing

Cloud based cross browser testing is performed by testing your website on remote devices (virtual or physical) and controlling it from your own system. The problem is that the website needs to be tested every time a browser is released and believe me, they are released too often than you think. With time, cloud based browser compatibility testing has turned out to be the best option for testing your website easily, quickly and within budget. There are a number of reasons for that.

No Setup Cost Cloud based cross browser compatibility testing ensures that there are no physical devices that are required to be carried and maintained with different browsers and operating systems. In addition, there is no setup cost. Just login and start testing on the platform.

Fast and Secure Cloud based cross browser testing is very fast. You can switch between the browsers and operating systems within seconds and test your website. All you need to work upon is the cross browser compatibility matrix which will show the benchmark versions of the browsers.

A Large Number Of Browser and Operating System Cloud based cross browser testing provides a very high number of browsers and operating systems (along with their different versions). So, if I want to test Google Chrome 65 on Windows 8.1, I can do it within seconds.

Round The Clock Up-Time While working remotely from different places, the most important thing to note is that employees do not have fixed hours to work. This means that the system should be up all the time so that any employee can access and test anytime he wants. This is what cloud based cross browser testing tools ensure. It provides high up-time to enable people at different time zones to access the tool anytime.

Easy Code Sharing Cloud based browser compatibility testing also ensures that the selenium automation tests that you were trying to run on physical devices, run with the same grace on the remote system. Along with Selenium, cloud based testing platforms provide a number of languages to execute your automation tests.

Scalable Scaling is not an issue while considering cross browser testing. Testing always requires scaling up and down according to the website and the magnitude of the project. While using cross browser testing, you can scale as much as you can without worrying about the extra devices.

Easy To Communicate Cloud based cross browser testing tools ease out the process of sharing screenshots, comments, videos etc with different teams of the project such as development, DevOps, testing etc. With all of the teams viewing the results, they can work as if sitting at a single place. This provides high efficiency in testing delivering the projects faster.

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Posted 5 months ago
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5 months ago