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How does WebDriverIO use Selenium Locators in a unique way?

What are the locators used in Selenium are how can i use them?

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Posted 5 months ago


Honestly speaking — if this is what it does,

Getting Started · WebdriverIO

Then my only recommendation will be to fly away as fast as you can from it.

I did not find any value add - literally - why anyone would be using it.

None. NADA.

Also… Selectors · WebdriverIO … really?

I have my very strong opinion about test infra and automation.

Do not act like a pseudo-developer - while developing test infra and test cases.

Either you become developer - no harm meant or done or focus on how minimally you can get shit done, as we used to state in LinkedIn.

I think it is incredibly sad what the test infra is coming nowadays.

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Posted 5 months ago