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Why should you use automation for continuous testing in Agile?

What are the benefits of using automation for continuous testing in Agile?

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Posted 16 days ago


If you need to consider the factors that automation can boost in Agile development, these are the following:

  • Early defects and less cost – Continuous testing has a vital role to play in the agile development methodology. Test automation in continuous Agile delivery helps in the determination of software defects and basic authorization. If the defects are fixed early on, there would be minor costs to the enterprise. An adequate testing process in the initial stage of development allows recovery to be fast in the case of unexpected defects in the product.
  • Automation is easy and it makes things easier – A continuous delivery model needs a continuous testing process. This can be done only through test automation. An end-to-end test automation strategy would help empower the organizations to test early, quickly and automate. It can be done easily at every phase of product development. It helps to coordinate QA efforts to balance the speed of DevOps and assist developers in delivering unique software features in weeks.
  • Reducing the testing efforts – No matter the methodology that is used for testing, automation can reduce the testing efforts remarkably. With a good focus on agility and continuous development and delivery, automation tools can serve the testing team and the overall product development.
  • Increase in the speed and performance of the software – An increase in speed and performance becomes easy with automation. The test cycles move faster and allow developers to gain feedback and insights much faster. Though it can become enticing to automate every testing mode, manual testing needs to be used in regression and exploratory testing at the UI level.
  • Gaining efficiency – There needs to be a lot of expertise in creating test environments and configuring the automation framework. The greatest hardships are probably gaining the test automation coverage including the time and cost associated with setting up the effective automation framework. The comprehensive test management platform simplifies the achievement of the test automation project. Finding the perfectly skilled automation expert can be a challenge and most organizations have to face this. There needs to be a lot of coordination between developers, product managers and testers for continuous delivery and continuous Agile testing.
  • Robust Planning and Execution – Organizations can assist the development teams to make faster developments without striving the in-house QA resources. Access to the right expertise who can understand the software architecture can plan and execute successful automation scripts. By automating significant workflows, companies can reduce the cost and time in testing.
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Posted 16 days ago
Edited 16 days ago