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What Are The IE Browser Issues and How to Fix Them for Browser Compatibility?

I want to know how can I create an IE compatibile website. Can anybody please explain in detail?

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Posted 29 days ago


There are many errors that can occur while browsing a website on Internet Explorer. These errors often cause problems in loading images or web page properly, show broken links, etc. Below are some of the common issues – let’s have a look at them.

Issue 1: IE Doesn’t Display Images or Web Page Properly If the IE browser failed to open any image or web page, then there might be an issue on your end and not the web page. This issue often occurs due to IE browser configuration problem.

As you know, the earlier versions of IE don’t follow W3C guidelines. So, they can disable any image from being displayed to increase load times for users even with a slow internet connection. You can fix this problem by following the below steps:

Fixing – Browser Configuration in IE

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Now, select Internet Options, and click the Advanced Tab in the opened window.
  • Go to Settings under the Multimedia Section, and make sure the checkbox Show Pictures is checked. If not, then check the checkbox and click Apply. Close the window by pressing OK.
  • Close the browser and re-open the same web page. Once you enable Show Images, you might not face the same issue again. However, if you still face the image related issues, the test for browser compatibility of your website.

Issue 2: Internet Explorer Cannot Open JPEG Images Recently, many users’ complaints that IE 8.0 doesn’t support JPEG images that are saved in CMYK mode and only supports the pictures that are stored in RGB mode.

When you open a similar image in both CMYK and RGB mode, you’ll see that the CMYK image appear as a broken image or look reddish in the Internet Explorer. But, in Chrome and Firefox both the images open correctly. So, if IE is displaying both the images differently, then it is not an issue of your IE version, it’s the issue of the image.

Fixing JPEG Image One simple solution to fix this problem is changing the image format from CMYK to RGB. There are many photo editing tools available, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and many more that can identify if a JPEG image is a CMYK image and save that image as an RGB image. You can also prefer using online image converter. Using this technique, you can resolve the JPEG image issue.

Issue 3: IE Rendering in Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11 Most of the problems in every version of IE including IE11 occurs due to website compatibility with the browser. The IE rendering has very poor CSS and JS support in the compatibility mode. Some people even compliant that IE can misidentify a site as an intranet site, and IE11 render an intranet site using compatibility mode. That’s the most obvious reason your website breaks while running in Internet Explorer.

Fixing Compatibility Issues in IE11 If you’re using IE11 and facing compatibility issues, then it’s important to know that Compatibility View location has been changed in IE11. In the earlier versions of Internet Explorer, the compatibility view icon is located at the end of the address bar that allows you to alter how IE browser displays your website.

But, in IE11 there is no direct option to switch compatibility modes. To change the compatibility view, you need to go to the IE11 settings list and add the offending site there. For example, if you want to use Google+ properly, you need to add on the list.

Follow these steps to go the Compatibility View Settings list in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Open Internet Explorer and click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the browser to open the Tools
  • Now, select Compatibility View Settings in the tool’s menu.
  • The Change Compatibility View Settings option will appear on the screen. Add the website that is poorly displaying, broken, or not opening correctly in IE11 to the Add this website
  • After adding the site to this list, Internet Explorer will refresh the web page that you’re visiting, and then you’ll be able to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Answer source: Solving Browser Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer

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Posted 29 days ago
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Thanks @Charity, It helps.

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