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Dipen Soni
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Dipen Soni

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What critical tasks can you do in the testing field? What are all of the needed skills to develop? See More
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Need to know the difference between admin, user and guest while creating the team so that I can permit the rights to different users accordingly. See More
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I need to test my website only on particular configurations on a daily basis, is there any option to save those config so that I don’t have to select each br... See More
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While generating screenshots on multiple configurations, I see half page as blank. Any workaround for this? See More
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I have multiple URL’s for which I have to perform screenshot testing at a time, is it possible to do so? See More
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I need to test my websites in different regions, is it possible with LT? See More
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I have a QA team in which many of the employees are not aware of programming languages, I would like to move to LambdaTest if it supports codeless automaton. See More
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Every time I have to check Jira to have a look on issues recorded, is it possible to view from LambdaTest itself. See More
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If I face compatibility issues while performing screenshot testing, everytime I have to go to Real time page and select the same config and test. Is it possi... See More
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I perform screenshot testing on a daily basis, which takes a lot of time. I want to schedule my screenshot tests that could run everyday. Is it possible with... See More
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Please describe some challenges that occur with continuous testing in DevOps. See More
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What are the best practices and tips when adopting regression testing in agile environment? See More